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    "It doesn't seem possible that two people could be solely responsible for the dense yet harmonic Industrial cacophony that emanates from Mongoloidian Glow, but guitarist/bassist Annibidextrious and tribal tubthumper Katha alone serve up dark sheets of hypnotic gno-wave that's passionately pummeling and oddly melodic."

    "you guys project a lot of rock 'n' roll energy but it's hypnotic at the same time, sort of like when you're going so fast you feel like you're not moving at all. You know the song "Bela Lugosi's Dead"? It reminded me of that, a little."

    "you gals have the highest rock-to-weight ratio of any band in b'more!"

    "I was actually thinking at the time that you had an interesting approach to bass (more like a guitar riffing) which sounded good and I liked it. Guitar/drum - bass/drum duo's have been back in style for sometime... of course probably due to the whole White Stripes phenomenon which in my opinion is totally overrated and personally I think you and Katha blow bands like the stripes out of the water, because your on-stage personality is much more dynamic and musically much more interesting and dark."

    "The band's raw, moody sound straddles the cavernous murk of no wave and the quasi hi-fidelity of early 80's goth/new wave--think of Michael Gira's fondness for minor keys and heavy drums or the dour world of Dirty Three with a voice replacing the violin."

    "you have a sense of playfulness that I like."

    "The name Mongoloidian Glow is a reference to the pure & relaxed shine on the faces of those who experience true innocence. Listen to the music of Mongoloidian Glow and when you're done dancing and done laughing and done crying, you'll be standing smack dab in the middle of yourself with the look on your face of a warm Mongoloidian Glow."

    "This was power, fueled by a love a music and audience. When musicians reach the humility to let it all in, the only obstacle to sweaty perfection is the will to give it all to the crowd. And Mongoloidian Glow is nothing but generous. Music like this is a gift. Time for Baltimore to accept it."

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